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About Us

Corey and Lety have spent their entire lives participating in experiential travel and serving others. As children we enjoyed camping with our families, hiking, kayaking and biking. When we grew up we began exploring the world, seeking new adventures and deepening our understanding of other cultures. We continue to enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking and biking - but now we also love to SCUBA dive, surf and learn about local cultures and history. Our love for these activities largely dictates our choices in travel destinations.


That said, we are not hobbyists or vacationers looking for insider discounts. During his academic studies, Corey has focused intensely on issues of sustainable development, ecotourism and service learning - both through research and real-world experience while living and traveling through the South Pacific. He also served with the Peace Corps building capacity for ecotourism service providers and destinations in rural Mexico then went on to do the same for the Florida Park Service before building a local AmeriCorps service program in the Jacksonville area. Meanwhile, Lety has an extensive background in business operations. She graduated a technical high school with a focus on bookkeeping and went on to obtain a Bachelor’s in Business Development. She later received her Master’s in Finance and spent the initial portion of her career administering micro-finance lending programs in rural Mexico.


This experience makes them uniquely qualified to assist you in developing a truly rewarding, immersive travel experience.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday

11:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday and Sunday

By Appointment

All Federal holidays




Please feel free to give us a call at your convenience during our normal hours of operation. If, however, you need to speak with us outside of these hours send us an email and we will be happy set up an appointment for a mutually convenient time.

Booking Fees

If you’ve never used a travel agent before you might be wondering how much it will cost you. We don’t believe in surprises, especially since our goal is to make your next trip as stress free as possible.


Non-group (less than 8 people) cruises, hotels, resorts, tours and rental cars booked through one of our preferred suppliers

No Fee

Group (8 or more cabins/rooms) cruises, hotels, resorts, tours, and rental vans/buses

-Standard rate

-Partner rate


-$9.95 per room/cabin/seat/vehicle

-No Fee

Stand alone reservations made with non-commissionable suppliers

-Standard rate

-Partner rate


-20% per individual booking

-15% per individual booking

All stand-alone (i.e. not packaged with hotel, car or cruise) airline tickets

-Standard rate

-Partner rate


-20% of total price per ticket

-15% of total price per ticket

All packaged airline tickets and non-commissionable add-ons (when packaged with a commissionable product)

No Fee

PLEASE NOTE: While we do not charge a fee for researching travel options for our clients (or potential clients), if you ask us to research options for you and then book yourself or through another agency, we will not research another vacation for you without first securing a $100 research fee. This fee will be applied to your reservation if payment is made in full at booking or after you passing the cancellation deadline in the event you make payments.

Cancellation Policy

All reservations are subject to the cancellation policies of the supplier, which vary so we encourage you to thoroughly read their policies before making your reservation. In the event you do cancel your reservation, we will continue to work for you to do so and, if need be, to advocate on your behalf with the supplier to the extent appropriate for each individual circumstance in order to reach the best possible solution for our clients while maintaining our good standing with the supplier. We trust you see the value in this service, so on all deposited reservations - regardless of whether a booking fee was assessed or not - we will retain a $49.95 cancellation fee, which is separate from any supplier cancellation fee. There is no cancellation fee for pay-at-the counter rental car and hotel cancellations and cancellations made prior to initial deposit. We reserve the right to waive the cancellation fee in the certain circumstances when rescheduling or future bookings seem eminent. This solely at our discretion.

Product Pricing

We are not affiliated with any of the products we sell. This means we are free to sell you the most appropriate product for your travel needs and will never steer you into purchasing a travel product that doesn’t suit you. Rest assured that all of our cruise, resort and tour suppliers have been carefully vetted and are among the best in the industry. While we do receive a commission for selling their products, we do not have any influence on their pricing which is wholly determined by the supplier. We often receive exclusive discounts for being a high volume seller but generally speaking the price we quote is the same published price you would find on the supplier’s Website. We never mark up prices!

This means we are able to provide you great travel products at very competitive prices. The exception is heavily discounted, bargain sellers of travel such as those in membership clubs and online groups. These sellers are able to heavily discount their suppliers’ prices by decreasing or completing forgoing their commision and selling in high volume. We are a family-owned business and cannot compete with them on price. That said, we are confident that you will find our personalized attention, our follow through and our friendliness to be far superior to theirs. With us, you are not just a number you part of our family.

Why use an Agent?

We get this question all the time. It’s true that the Internet has changed the travel industry irreversibly. The variety of travel products now available directly to the consumer is infinite. That said, if you have ever been to a big box retailer and tried to buy a loaf of bread or a bag of chips, you probably spent quite a bit of time just staring at the full-aisle-lengthed rack just scratching your head. When presented with such variety, it can be hard to know where to start and which is the best choice. As travel consultants, we sift through all the offers on a daily basis and we only sell vacation packages from well-vetted, industry leading suppliers. Let us cut through the clutter to find the best deal for you with a reputable outfitters.

In addition to our industry expertise, we at D&H Travel have a wealth of real world experience that we are eager to share with you. We have lived and traveled throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean and the South Pacific. We also built relationships with people connected to Europe, Africa and Asia so if we haven’t been there ourselves, chances are we know someone who has and can still get you the best recommendations. We even have formal training and experience in ecotourism and cultural immersion.


Like a little adventure? We are avid backpackers, SCUBA divers, kayakers, surfers, bikers, cyclists, and hikers. We also love to try new things like skydiving, bungy jumping, rock climbing and whatever else is there is to try in the places we visit sprinkled in with a little down time on the beach or at the pool to recharge. Traveling with kids? Us too. We know that traveling with little ones can create some unforgettable moments (both good and bad) and unique challenges. We’ll help you anticipate these so you can be ready to enjoy them, or tackle them, when they arise.

Whether you are a hands-on planner or want to turn over the process completely to us, we will work with you to make sure your next vacation is stress free from inception to return home. And, in the unlikely event that things don’t go as planned, we will advocate for our clients to ensure the best possible resolution for everyone involved.

Our Certifications


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Our Philosophy in Action

We don’t just sell responsible travel, we practice what we preach by only supporting travel and tourism companies that implement low-impact practices, give back to the community and seek to immerse travelers in the culture and history of the places we visit. Likewise, we believe in responsible giving in our community to support the environment, responsible tourism and social issues. That is why we have supported the following organizations through charitable giving and volunteer giving:


  • Tree Hill Nature Center

  • The Friends of Talbot Islands State Parks

  • The United Way of Northeast Florida

  • The Jacksonville Beaches Lions Club